Why You Should Travel by Private Charters from Toronto

Private Charters from Toronto


Toronto is one of the best places in North America to charter a private plane. Better aviation firms offer:


  • Experienced personnel. A company run by industry veterans with a dedication to high-quality personal service will serve your needs and help to ensure a smooth and safe journey.
  • A variety of plane options. Jets such as the Gulfstream G150 are best for a larger group, while smaller planes such as the Premier 1A carry up to six passengers for smaller events. Partnering with a company with a range of jet options means that the right plane will always be available.
  • Office facilities. Most companies boast all the amenities you need to take care of business, such as Wi-Fi, telephone/SATCOM systems, worktables, power outlets, reclining leather seats, and more.


Why Travel by Private Jet?


Have you ever felt that business class airline travel fails to meet the needs of your organization? When you send team members by commercial airline, you are at the mercy of the airline’s schedule, and this can result in a waste of your executives’ time. Disadvantages of flying by commercial plane can include:


  • Travelling at inopportune times of day. With a limited number of flights available, you may not be able to book a seat at a convenient time. This means you may waste an entire day dealing with the vicissitudes of airline travel, rather than productively. With a private plane, you leave when you want to leave. Depart early in the morning in order to be able to get some work done when you arrive, for example, or fly overnight and spend your travel time sleeping.
  • Time wasted in lineups, or layovers while waiting for connecting flights. With a charter jet, you fly direct, eliminating "down time” at airports, and keeping travel time to a minimum. Because security is simpler, you don’t have to arrive hours in advance just to stand in screening lineups. You won’t need to wait at the carousel for your luggage upon arrival, either! 
  • Distractions. Although airlines often advertise that travelling by business class allows you to get work done, anyone who has flown this way knows that it can be a struggle. Flight crew announcements, crying babies, coughing passengers, talkative seatmates, crowded washrooms, and other distractions can make focusing on work near impossible. If you’re travelling with a colleague, you may not be able to discuss clients or negotiations due to the lack of privacy. A private jet affords you a quiet and private space where you can work, uninterrupted. If productivity and efficiency matters to your organization, opt for private aviation.
  • Inflexible scheduling. Suppose your meeting ends early, or lasts longer than expected? With commercial flights, you will need to spend money and time rearranging flights. Private jet pilots work with you to make sure the flight plan suits your needs as closely as possible. Flight plans can even be changed in the mid-air, if absolutely necessary.


Your Corporate Image


Another benefit of private jet travel is the prestige it brings to your company image. Arriving by private plane is a way of saying that your organization has reached a certain level of success, and that you value your time.


Explore private charters from Toronto for your company. Travel smart: with style, comfort, and efficiency!